About M.M.C

  Muq Media Center is a private enterprise.
The domain mukdaharn.com has been in our own since 2005.
For the past 9 years we have been hunting for the idea of ​​a media center in Mukdaharn.
However, there are many practical steps that must be taken before the puzzle can be assembled completely.
it's happened now and we're tailored with collecting music and movies.
we set out quietly with podcasts of these 2 mentioned categories.
later follows live streaming of Local TV and Radio.

however, we can reveal that there will be talk about,
Kids TV and Kids Radio, Teen TV and Teen Radio,
and the same for the adults.
In addition, additional radio channels can be divided into
P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6 & P7

It is rare to get things for free.
the same is true here.

A membership costs 25 baht per. month.
You get 2 months free membership every year.
When you sign up,
your channels will not be opened
until you have paid for your membership.

It is therefore important that when you pay,
you send us an SMS via your bank, banking App or ATM machine.
so we can reopen your channels as soon as possible.

The number you are sending to is 084 958 93 91
Please attach your Email and Mobile number
So we can find you in our system.

If you do not live in Thailand,
payment can be made via PayPal. You register as a licensee,
and send an email to mikael@mukdaharn.com that you want license payment.
Then we send an invoice return from Paypal.
that you can pay with your credit card.